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Ruby Woo is one of MAC’s most coveted products and for the past week that’s all I’ve worn on my lips–which is rare for me matter-of-fact since I don’t wear red lipsticks twice in a row(like ever)I mean I have so many lipsticks and I’m more into “baby pink lips”so I try different shades all the time.But because I love this lipstick so much and because of its WOW factor and the fact that it’s universally flattering,I thought I’ll do a mini post on it for the ladies that are obsessed with red lips:) Ruby Woo is indeed that special red color that works on both warm,cool and neutral undertones.

As described by MAC on their site,Ruby Woo is a“very matte vivid blue red” It’s so much prettier in person than in swatches,believe me when I say pics don’t do it justice!I get a lip-gasm whenever I put this on..LOL..OK! Fine!I totally just made that up but you get what I mean right?!It’s classy and reminds me of an elegant woman like Coco Chanel BUT because of the long wearing formula(and the whole retro matte thing→meaning its drier than other matte MAC lipsticks),this can be drying on the lips so I always pair with a clear lip gloss.

Please note you’ll have to moisturize your lips well and/or apply some balm before putting this on.The color is opaque and doesn’t budge which is phenomenal and if you’d like to line & define your lips before applying,then go ahead darling–the neater the better.Click HERE to read a more detailed post on choosing the right red lipstick for your skintone if you aren’t really into matte formulas.

Perfect shadeNot too bright-Not too dull

Doll Notes: Just a fun fact ….Ruby Woo is Rihanna’s favorite Mac lipstick.That’s the red she always wears on the red carpet!Do you have a favorite Red lipstick?What are some of your recommendations?



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