Mens Fashion……….Camouflage❤

Hey everyone!! I finally have a post for ya!…..And…. it’s a mens fashion post on how to style camouflage pants this winter!! Interesting huh?!. Let’s just begin with an apology OK? A HUGE SORRY for the lonnnng delay in posts yet again…Life’s just been too hectic and crazy for me(new baby♡ and all) and I just haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like to.Nonetheless I hope all is well with you guys:)Also,feel free to follow me on FACEBOOK as I’m quite active on there:))

So moving on,Camouflage made such a huge comeback and has been a big trend this season.It’s functional and can be paired with pretty much anything from basics like plain t-shirts to denim,tailored blazers and even lace.The military trend is indeed back to stay and isn’t going anywhere for a long time.The bold pattern looks great on both sexes and I find it to be especially sexy on women who are confident and enough of a risk-taker to embrace the trend.Most of the popular retail stores like Zara now carry a lot of camo jackets,blazers,shirts,skirts,dresses etc and they are easily accessible now.Here’s one way to style the camo pants gentlemen:


  Camo Pants…………….Winners


  Boots…………….(Polo Ralph Lauren)Winners

  Necklace & Bracelet………….Winners


  Doll Notes:What are your thoughts on the camouflage trend?Are you gonna try it? Leave a comment if you’d like to see a post on how I style a few of my camo pieces…

Spring 2012 Outfit Ideas & Trends❤

Hi Dolls!!Spring is fast approaching and some of us we are getting ready to clear out our wardrobe and make room for the season’s hottest trends which is upon us!Recently,we saw a lot of pretty pastels,stripes,peplums,bold brights,soft neutrals and lots of prints(geometric,flower etc) during fashion week and on the runway.I’m really obsessed with pastels @ the moment!Who can resist the fun and playful hues? Hot trend!

Oufit 1(above):I love wearing high-waisted jeans over playful-print tops for that chic look.Adding a bold solid colour like the blue wedges shown pulls the whole outfit together and don’t forget accessories and little details like nail polish colour,makeup (eyes,lips, face) all blends in to make a statement.

Outfit 2:Casual yet stylish and certainly appropriate for work/formal environments.Just like the first outfit,I’ll tuck this pale yellow sweater into peg leg trousers to make the whole look appear more tailored and trendy.Go for a soft day-time smokey eye look and finish off with white nail polish(it’s so in right now!)to make it all come together and give this outfit an edge. 

Outfit 3: I’m loving the season’s lace trend and the color “white” is pretty popular this year. Also,not only are lace details feminine and romantic,they are flattering on most figures and anyone can pull it off.Wear white lace shorts with a bright top for a sexy playful look and finish off with double-finger rings to give the outfit an edge and to look sleek.(#myfaveoutfit)

Outfit 4: Team up an eye-catching dress like this one with a skinny lilac belt(yes!cinch in that waist ladies!)for contrast and to create that hourglass shape!Perfect outfit for night out and you can never go wrong with nude accessories either.It’s time to flaunt those sexy legs:)


Pantone Spring 2012 Colors:

Pantone just released their colors for Spring and declared Tangerine Tango the color of the year which I’m so excited about since the color is absolutely gorgeous,bold and exudes confidence.It’s interesting to see that the color  has been embraced in all sectors too(cosmetics, homeware etc)..I’m fascinated with all the season’s trend…everything seems so delightful and pretty!

**All images from Google & Polyvore

Doll Notes:Which Outfit rocks your world? Would also love to know which spring trend you’re most excited to try!!!

Style Crush❤…………Kris Jenner

kris jenner style

Hot mama alert! Um..Is 57 the new 20?Someone tell me!All I know is I better be looking like her in future with six kids or else…….OK….maybe not six kids but ‘know what I mean?Haha.The momager of the Kardashian Klan is not only a successful business woman but she’s got an undeniable wicked sense of style just like her daughters.Kris Jenner clearly appreciates and understands style and knows the trick to making an outfit pop is by adding fab statement pieces which she’s not afraid to indulge in.I particularly love seeing her in “menswear inspired” ‘fits the most.One word:fierce!

Even though she’s got some work done and may seem a bit over the top sometimes(watch an episode of “KUWTK”and you’ll get it)I applaud her for trying and wanting to look good unlike most women her age.It’s the effort that counts(right?)and she’s still got it whether you agree or not.So if you’re interested in her style after admiring the pics below,you can check out her fashion line with QVC(Kris Jenner Kollection)based on her own wardrobe staples.She said in an interview that her fashion line is just the beginning when it comes to fashion and designing clothes.She has plans to expand that into home and children and jewelry/accessories.Interesting…..we’ll just have to wait and see,won’t we?:))







Doll Notes:How would you describe Kris Jenner’s style?Are you a fan or not?

Style Crush❤……….Kourtney Kardashian

Whether shes’ your fave K-Doll or not,Kourtney Kardashian certainly knows how to work/style that sexy 5-fooot-3 body of hers!The oldest ‘Dash sister likes to merge vintage-bohemian clothing with modern threads and her wardrobe consists of many fab high-end designer apparel mixed with pieces from household names like Steve Madden that’s easily accessible to the everyday woman.Now we all know very rarely do celebs go to the mall to shop but Kourtney loves mall-shopping(crazy huh?….I don’t know how she does it)and she’s even been spotted wearing clothing from H&M a few times.I simply adore her sense of fashion and she looks so cute in everything!

A while ago,this famous reality TV star stated on her blog that “It doesn’t matter about the brands or if it’s high end or low end.As long as you have good style or cute accessories,you can wear a white t-shirt and jeans and make it look cute. It’s all about what you mix it with I couldn’t agree with you more momma!!:) She’s truly a fashion icon in her own right~



{Images from Google}

Doll Notes:The 4th pic is such a classic! I love everything she has on and that Ella Zahlan belt is to die for!What’s your favourite Kourtney K outfit?


Top On The Wishlist…….❤YSL Arty Oval Rings

I’m majorly crushing on YSL Arty Oval Rings!!It’s no surprise they are now on top of my ever-changing Wish-list since the rings are all absolutely gorgeous and elegant and comes in different colours and styles.These have been around for sometime but I just didn’t give them much attention and now I can’t wait to get my hands on at least one of them.I personally like the unique design and shape of it and I think they are true statement pieces and every fashionista’s must-have accessory.So if you’re willing to part with $250.00 per ring anytime soon,you can get them HERE

 Images from weheartit & Pinterest
Doll Notes:What do you think of these YSL rings?Do you like or hate them? Which is your favourite?Leave your thoughts here!!




Outfit Of The Day❤…………Blue Pants

Hi Dolls!I’m back with another outfit post and a quick FOTD(Face Of The Day).I love colored bottoms as they are stylish and functional and you can pair with mostly anything so I wore this blue number with a simple white tee and since the weather here has been nice lately,I’m glad I can dress up more and do without the heavy winter jacket.The whole outfit is comfortable and simple but hey……sometimes Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication….=}

Be sure to mix in colour with your winter outfits…you don’t have to wear grey and black all season…. feel free to spice things up a bit!!I also did a simple FOTD using Expensive Pink and Carbon eyeshadow from MAC.Hope you guys like it!


Booties………..Ann Apparel

Scarf & Pants(seen HERE)……….Forever 21

Bag………(Kathy Van Zeeland)The Bay

Doll Notes: How do you style your coloured denim? What current trends are you loving the most?!

Outfit Of The Day❤………..Classic Camel

Here’s what I wore on Monday:

Sweater……..Suzy Shier


Boots………Suzy Shier

Bag…………The Bay(Genna de Rossi)

Doll Notes:Clearly,I love the “camel” colour.. I think it’s a great colour for winter and suits all skin tones as it comes in a few different shades.What do you think of this outfit?…..As always,thanks for reading and commenting❤‿❤

New In Wardrobe❤……….Holiday Shopping

I sneaked in a few things for myself while I was Christmas shopping for others…as usual….lol. This short blue skirt is from Dynamite and was on sale for $15.00 CAD.Perfect colour to create some colour-blocking outfits with=)

This is such a beautiful black skirt but sadly,it didn’t photograph well:( I love the fringes on it and it was very flattering on.I’ll most likely pair this with a plain white tank/top and some sky-high pumps.Another purchase from Dynamite for $15.00 CAD

I love the little color-block theme going on with this top from Suzy Shier.(I always find such great deals everytime I go to that store and it has become one of my fave places to shop now).Can’t wait to pair this with tights or leggings and some knee-high boots. The belt is from Dynamite.

The sequins in this top looks better in person than in photos.Another beautiful top from Suzy’s that’s long enough to pair with leggings to a holiday party!

Dereon Scarf Set from Winners:I normally won’t buy anything from Dereon because I don’t like how they go crazy with the monogram on some of their clothing(as with most major clothing/luxury bag companies)but the set is pretty simple with just the Dereon logo and there’s an adorable pic of Beyonce and her mum.

Earrings from SS:This is my first and only pair of feather earrings believe it or not.I’ve never been into them but I fell in love with this.I like the simple white feathers and the gold compliments it well.

Saved the best for last! Came across these Marc Fisher slingback at Winners for $60.00 and moments later,they were mine forever.

*I’ve been told Winners is owned by TJX companies so for those of you in the States,it’s very much like a TJ Maxx.

*Suzy Shier is a Canadian fashion store and at the moment they only ship within Canada.

Doll Notes:I’m still searching for the perfect Christmas party dress and I’m almost ready to give up.Most of the dresses sold at stores (in the mall)look so tacky and just not my style.Is anyone else having the same problem as me?I need to find a dress before the 24th..rawwr

Style Crush❤………..Zoe Saldana

The beautiful and talented Avatar star loves fashion as much as she loves acting and dancing.A constant at many fashion shows,she enjoys the creative and astounding works of designers such as Lanvin,Diane Von Furstenberg,Versace etc.Having a grandmother and mother who were both seamstresses,her interest in fashion started at an early age and fast forward some years later,she’s been consistently graced on many”best dressed list”.I find her style to be very cool,laid-back and down to earth yet never ceasing to make a fashion statement wherever she goes.One can surely relate to her style and create outfits from our own wardrobe by taking a look at some of her casual outfits as they are mostly basics.

Now the new model for Calvin Klein underwear,the sexy half Dominican-half Puerto Rican actress co-runs the website My Fashion Database(a great site for all who love and want info on fashion magazines, luxury brands,celebrities,models etc)with her ex- fiance.She also plans to launch her own fashion line soon and judging from her admirable success and non-stop praises from co-stars commenting on how talented and focused she is,I can already see that being a major accomplishment.By the way,if you haven’t seen her kick-ass in the action film “Colombiana” make sure to rent or buy it this weekend and trust me, you won’t be disappointed!




Doll Notes:Isn’t she just gorgeous? What do you think of her style?

From Day To Night❤ The Little Black Dress

DAY LOOK….Work/Business/Office/Casual Look


NIGHT LOOK…….Night Out On the Town/Going For Drinks With The Ladies/Fancy Event

Images from Google & Polyvore

Doll Notes:You can never go wrong with a LBD…Whether it’s short or medium length, you can make it work for any occasion.Check out my WARDROBE STAPLES post for more info on closet fundamentals.Stay Chic always:)

Style Crush❤……Jennifer Lopez

With movies like “The Wedding Planner”,”Selena”,and “The Backup Plan”under her belt,J.Lo is not just a great actress and singer but also a mommy,producer,dancer and a fashion designer;making her a mega superstar.She recently brought hollywood glam to Kohl’s by launching an affordable fashion line that carries many fab pieces. 

To be honest,She hasn’t always been a style icon to me but over the years I’ve come to admire and appreciate her style mainly because I think her clothes and style represents who she is/personality and I admire her for not only being bold and confident but for truly being herself.I especially love her red carpet gowns.It’s like they are made to fit her body with no flaws!Hmm….I wonder how long she takes to great ready?! Jennifer’s “wicked” body and well toned legs makes makes it easy for her to wear daring clothes.Rumor has it that her butt & legs are insured for a billion $$$..Ridiculous I know but then again most celebs do a lot of crazy weird things…Who can blame her though?The woman is the definiton of “sexy”

J.Lo’s is Glamours Woman Of The Year,2011..(surprise sursprise)and was also crowned People’s Most Beautiful! May I also add her fragances smell amazing and comes in luxe packaging.Most celeb fragrances are not that great but it seems J.Lo actually puts (extra)effort in her perfume formulation.Alright!I’ve rambled enough…I’m sure by now we all know J.Lo is the “”.I love watching her as a judge on American Idol and I hope the pics below do enough justice on “Jenny From The Block’”s enchanting personal style…..



Doll  Notes:Do you like J.Lo for her fashion taste,her-mostly-funny-but-awesome movie roles,her music or just as a superstar on the whole?

New In Wardrobe❤

Just a few items I picked up this weekend from a short trip to the mall.Everything is from Forever 21 except the boots;which I got @ Suzy Shier.I love the red “Chrtistian Louboutin” inspired bottoms and they are super comfy as well.I’ve also been loving colored denim since the beginning of last summer and this blue bottoms makes a great addition to my collection.

I could not get a good pic of the red blouse but it’s so pretty in person!The lace details on the collar and sleeves are adorable and it’s perfect for the holiday season! Each item from F21 didn’t cost over $25.00! The earrings were $3.80 each! Who doesn’t enjoy a good bargain?I know I do:)

Doll Notes:How was your weekend? Did anyone go shopping?!

Style Crush❤………Beyonce Giselle Knowles

Her  name says it all!! I don’t think there’s a need for an introduction.If you don’t know who Beyonce is by now ….you’ve surely been living under a rock.Beautiful momma- to-be(btw she’s working on a maternity line!)and wife of hiphop mogul Jay Z ,the ever stunning artist,actress and fashion designer rocks the hottest outfits,has the most incredible collection of shoes topped with super glam makeup and amazing hair all the time.

Hmmm I wonder if her love for coloured nails is the same as her love for Popeye’s Chicken which she’s clearly admitted to being a huge fan of but too embarrassed to get?Lol

Seriously,what’s there not to love about this iconic woman? She’s well grounded and has managed to stay drama-free for the most part of her career.Kudos Bey-Z!!(as the papz call her) We love you! I can’t wait to grab her new fragrance Pulse this month..The bottle design is quite cute.!! And…forget the smell,I just want to “Run The World”…:-D




Google Images

Here’s one of her latest vid for your viewing pleasure & (my latest getting ready tune:)

Doll Notes:What do you think of Beyonce’s style?Have you always been a fan? I love and respect her so much! She’s beyond talented!   PS: Happy November Dolls!!






Men’s Fashion …..Autumn Looks❤

Google & Polyvore Images

Doll Notes: I created  two looks for the gentlemen and I hope it gives the guys ideas on how  to work their wardrobe!well….especially if they like to keep up with trends! I  love that both looks  are equally casual and dressy for most occasions. Which look do you like better? There’s something very sexy and powerful about a man who can dress and likes to look  good.. Agree ladies? lol.. 

Sunday’s Outfit❤

I basically threw things together and came out with this spur- of- the- moment outfit on Sunday.I’m usually consistent planning my outfits ahead to save time but there are always the rare occasions where there’s never enough time nor the opportunity to do that and Sunday was no exception.

Anyhoos,thank goodness this top was roomy and forgiving enough to accommodate all that delicious food we ordered ‘cos I thought my tummy was about to explode after dinner,literally… I love to cook and I like home-made meals but its nice to go out every now and then for dinner and let someone else do the cooking.Right?So…watcha dolls think of my random look?It’s nothing special but it was uber-comfortable.(I realized I subconsciously color-blocked when we got to the restaurant. lol)

Top…………………… Urban Planet

Cardigan & Pants ………..Winners


Bag…………(also featured HERE) Winners

Slides ………..Payless

Doll Notes: How did you spend your Sunday night? UPDATE :I’m almost done getting all the prizes for my first GIVEAWAY and I’m excited to give back to you guys just to say Thank -you for all the support so be on the lookout for that!

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